Tips for Fighting Stubborn Belly Fat – Episode #24

In this video, John shares some exciting info, including:

1) The exact hormone most responsible for stubborn belly fat

2) The “secret” hormone no one talks about that you NEED more of to fight off the hormone from #1

3) A new, unusual training style that has been show to increase the hormone from #2

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To learn more about John’s Final Phase Fat Loss program, just click here!

Or if you’d like a little more info about the hormonal implications of Fast Fat Loss, he’s got a great article here titled “3 Hormones you MUST Address for Fast fat Loss”

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4 Responses to “Tips for Fighting Stubborn Belly Fat – Episode #24”

  1. Ryan Orrico says:

    Great breakdown, yo!

  2. Thanks so much for posting this, Val! I appreciate it.

    If anyone has any questions, fire away!

  3. Mary Bess says:

    Thanks for sharing John and his approach! Fascinating!

    Sounds like some ‘density’ workouts to combat estrogen need to be in my near future!! How about creating some of these for us RCR Club gals, Val?! That would be great!

    xx MB

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