Red Carpet Ready TV Episode 4

If you haven’t heard the talk about my new reality show, Red Carpet Ready TV – let me fill you in.

I’m taking 2 women, Cody and Mary Bess through my entire 6 week Red Carpet Ready Celebrity Transformation program and we’re broadcasting the entire thing LIVE via the web. You can witness and follow along as we transform their bodies and lives.

Tonight’s episode is truly a MUST-SEE!

Cody gets very emotional and she speaks to something we all get frustrated with..

The attempts by friends, family and co-workers to sabotage our we.ight loss plan

Mary Bess shares her favorite strategies for eating out and still ‘sticking to the program.’ (great advice from MB here!)

We also take a look at Cody’s crazy RCR Advanced workout and MB’s interval training on the beautiful Trinity Trails.

As always, I’ll be there LIVE taking your questions about weight loss, fitness, diet – anything you’re wondering about!

Tears fly, pounds melt, bodies and lives change.

Don’t miss it.

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  1. [...] Two years ago, I launched the Red Carpet Ready Club – an online membership site where women could come together to encourage and support each other, while being guided and coached by me. In an effort to truly demonstrate how it works, I offered to take two women, Mary Bess Dalton and Cody Kennedy, through my program, on-line. The kicker was that they’d have to put themselves on camera each week, and tell us how they were doing. So, my feet were in the fire just as much as theirs. In addition, the 6 weeks they were on the program, included Thanksgiving and most of the holiday season –parties and all. You can see them just 4 weeks in, at Thanksgiving 2008, HERE. [...]