Red Carpet Ready TV #15

In this episode, celeb nutrition and diet expert, Rehan Jalali shares some of his secrets for getting rid of a Holiday Hangover (’tis the season!)

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3 Responses to “Red Carpet Ready TV #15”

  1. Nikki Razavi says:

    it’s no wonder now what the “freshman 15″ is caused by :-( Thanks for sharing this great infomation Val & Rehan – I’ll be sure to think twice before taking on that 2nd glass of champagne (or…shot of vodka).

  2. Michelle.H. says:

    Best cure for a hangover………REMEMBERING the last one!!!

    But, seriously Val & Rehan…….thanks for the tips. I’m a Pharmacist from Oz doing AHB (lov’n it by the way!) & sometimes even I forget the complimentary supplements that can help with liver function etc.

    Charcoal is great for gas too…….didn’t Rehan want to mention that little gem??? LOL.

    Have a wonderful Xmas & New Year……best wishes to all & their families out there!!

  3. LeeAnne Hebert says:

    This was GREAT!! What a fun guy :D Ok – I assumed you would only get a beer belly if you drank beer – wrong – sounds like any alcohol goes straight the the abdomen and store fat there – yikes! Also – I didn’t realize it caused water retention – double yikes! Lastly I love the fiber tip – haven’t had a hangover in a while, but next time I do – I’ll know exactly how to cure it!! Thanks Val for this great 3 part segment!!