Bikini Body Pilates Workout – Episode #22

See part 1 of this video here:

Here are the exercises we did:

The Hundred
The roll-up
Single leg stretch
Corkscrew (the one w/your legs straight up in the air)
Flight (on stomach)

Amy Zasadny is a certified Pilates instructor, lifelong dancer and sought-after celebrity trainer. She works out of Bodyline in Beverly Hills, in addition to multiple studios throughout the Los Angeles area. Her fun, high-energy, individually tailored workouts are the result of her many years in the fitness genre and her decade-long training in Pilates.

“Ten year and two pregnancies into our relationship, I feel confident saying that there is no better Pilates instructor in the United States of america, or indeed all of North America, than Amy Zasadny.” – Jennifer Garner

You can learn more about Amy and/or schedule a session with her at

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2 Responses to “Bikini Body Pilates Workout – Episode #22”

  1. mary says:

    Pilates incorporating the valslide–hope to see more of that:) Thanks for the workout.

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